As someone who, above all, believes fashion should be fun, it is no surprise I'm drawn toward the wackier side of denim design.


I think I’ve mentioned on the blog previously I’m a big fan of patterned jeans.  As someone who, above all, believes fashion should be fun, it is no surprise I’m drawn toward the wackier side of denim design.  If it has a floral pattern, animal print or an interesting motif, chances are I’m probably going to love it!


Over the years I have found myself repeatedly turning to Current/Elliott to feed my jean addiction because they always have the best selection and bring out winners every season.  They really are the go to label for jeans which stray from the norm!  Also, there is something about their super soft denim and the way it moulds to your shape.  I tend to find the more I wear them in the more I love them.

I have generally picked up all my pairs in the sales.  Current/Elliott can be quite pricey, especially in the UK as it is an American label and they pretty much change the $ sign for a £ sign.  However, if you are thinking of venturing into the fun, frivolous world of patterned jeans I would definitely recommend purchasing from YOOX (who have an amazing selection), The Outnet or the Donna Ida or Trilogy seasonal sales.

Here are some I am currently eyeing up at the moment:

L-R: Soho Zip from Revolve Clothing, Multicolour Pattern from YOOX, Floral from YOOX, Stiletto Camouflage from The Outnet, The Roller from Matches Fashion and Stiletto Lattice from Shopbop

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