The one thing I find hella' confusing about NYX is they're continually bringing out new products which all seem very similar.  This is particularly true in the lip department...

Ultimate NYX Lip Guide

Now that NYX has finally crossed the pond (hurrah!) I figured I’d whip out my collection and give you a run down of their (many) lip products.

The one thing I find hella’ confusing about NYX is they’re continually bringing out new products which all seem very similar.  This is particularly true in the lip department, so I wanted to test as many as possible to see what exactly the differences are, which are the best and whether I would repurchase any.  I apologise now if this posts goes on for days!

For those that aren’t that familiar with NYX it is a very affordable drugstore makeup brand.  They’re predominantly recognised for their lip products, although the rest of the line does have great products too (The Curve Liner and The Sculpt and Highlight Brow Contour to name a couple).  It recently became available to purchase in the UK after a long wait which had beauty fanatics jumping for joy!

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Ultimate NYX Lip Guide

Butter Gloss

I believe it was the Butter Gloss which originally put NYX on the map as the must have drugstore lip product brand.  The colour selection is enormous plus they later launched the Intense Butter Gloss, so there’s no shortage of choice here.  I’ve had a few of these but always ended up giving them away.  Personally I found them a disappointment.  The colour pay off was poor and needed several layers to stop it looking patchy, it’s rather on the sticky side and has minimal staying power.  Having said all of that, everyone else I ever speak to LOVES this product, so perhaps it’s just me who doesn’t get along with it.

RRP £5

(Feel Unique currently have a 30% off sale on these which is such a bargain in case you want to give them a try!)

Ultimate NYX Lip Guide

Soft Matte Lip Cream

This is another staple in the NYX lips line.  I definitely prefer it to the Butter Gloss but again I had few of these and gave all away but one.  My word of advice with these is I find the brighter, darker or more stand out colours are much better.  I had a couple of nude shades and I didn’t get on with them at all (they tended to be streaky, more difficult to apply and the colour payoff quite poor), whereas the one I still have is a rich berry tone and I actually like it.  The pigmentation is excellent, the lasting power is the best I’ve seen for a drugstore product and it’s very creamy for a matte finish.  Having said that I find the applicator quite tricky to use and not the most precise, so try and layer the product rather than go all in at once as it will be MUCH easier to correct any mistakes.

RRP £5.50

Ultimate NYX Lip Guide

Liquid Suede

This was launched just under a year ago in a flurry of excitement.  The colour intensity of these are second to none.  I like the doe foot applicator as it’s got good precision which is very helpful as this product needs to be controlled or it could end up all over the place!  It has a nice silky feel on application and eventually dries matte without being dry to uncomfortable.  It does need working into the lips as it is quite streaky and I definitely find I need to dab it with a tissue to stop it going all over my teeth! Great longevity, even lasted through me eating a huge slice of pizza!  Would choose this over the Matte Lip Cream any day.

RRP £6.50

Ultimate NYX Lip Guide


This is the only dual use product out of all the products I’ve mentioned and can be used on the cheeks or lips.  It’s another fairly recent addition to the NYX line.  I really like the tapered and fluffy doe foot applicator.  As a blush it reminds me of Benefit’s Posie Tint.  It blends well, settles nicely on the skin, has decent staying power and gives that perfectly flushed look.  As a lip product it is incredible creamy so needs to be evened out but generally wears nicely and lasts a couple of hours before needing to reapply.  Given that I use both aspects of this product I think it’s amazing value.

RRP £5

Ultimate NYX Lip Guide

Pump It Up Lip Plumper

As with the Matte Lip Cream there are things I really like about this product and things I’m not so keen on.  Starting with the positive it has a really nice cooling mint sensation and the slightest prickle.  I have very sensitive lips and find most lip pumping products quite painful but this actually feels quite nice, almost as if it’s waking up your lips.  Having said that I didn’t feel like my lips were anymore pumped up than usual but the product is so glossy that the shine definitely had an impact in making my lips look fuller.  The downside is there is little to no colour payoff, it’s very sheer and it’s very glittery.

RRP £6.50

Lip Lingerie

This is one I haven’t got my hands on yet but desperate to try.  These are constantly sold out Stateside but happily if you’re UK based, Boots currently has all shades in stock.  Happy news!  I’ll be putting in an order very soon.  This is another liquid style lipstick but this collection is all about the colour range. It covers the perfect spectrum of nudes.  If you’ve done or know of any good reviews of these please link to it in the comments!

RRP £6.50

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