When it comes to makeup I have strong opinions on how I like it; less is more...

When it comes to makeup I have strong opinions on how I like it. I believe less is more and I’m all about a dewy finish,  so it’s bizarre and totally out of character that I recently went through a phase of buying full coverage, matte foundations.

As someone who hates the feeling of heavy foundation, I thought I’d share my honest review of 3 medium to full coverage foundations including Huda Beauty #FauxFilter, The Ordinary Coverage Foundation and Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear

It’s rare for me to wear foundation day-to-day so if I haven’t washed it off within 2 hours and managed to keep it on throughout the day, it’s usually a good sign.

Huda Beauty, #FauxFilter

Out of the 3 foundations, this is probably the least suited to my personal tastes.  The only reason I purchased it is because I was buying one for my sister and the clever sales assistant somehow convinced me I needed to have it too!

In terms of consistency, this is about as thick and heavy as it comes.  It almost feels like a paste.  There is absolutely no way I could wear this foundation on its own.  Instead, I mix it with Farsali’s Rose Gold Elixir and the combination is amazing.  It provides the most incredible coverage but is sufficiently hydrating and doesn’t cake.

If you’re not a heavy foundation fan or have normal to dry skin (this can cling to dry patches), you 100% need to mix it with something.  I like the Farsali Elixir due to its dewy finish but I’m sure there are plenty of other potential pairings that would work equally well.
The other must when it comes to this foundation is using Huda Beauty’s Face, Buff & Blend Brush.  This foundation requires A LOT of buffing and this brush does it effortlessly.  Side note: I didn’t have the Huda brush yet on the day I applied my makeup for this photo and you can really see how this foundation looks when it isn’t sufficiently blended in! 

Overall, I’m a surprisingly big fan and would highly recommend Huda Beauty, #FauxFilter

For reference, I am wearing shade Cashew

The Ordinary, Coverage Foundation

I bought this foundation purely because I was intrigued by the massive amount of hype surrounding it and at £5.90, I figured if it wasn’t for me, it wasn’t the biggest waste of money. 

I had to spend quite a long time colour matching the right shade to my skin tone. I really struggled to choose between the 2 lightest shades as there’s such a stark difference between them.  In the end, I err’d on the side of caution and went with the lighter option.  Despite my concerns, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it blended and adapted to my tone. 
The consistency of this one is a stark difference to Huda Beauty #FauxFilter.  It’s far runnier and more liquid-like which means it feels much less heavy on the skin, which I’m a fan of.

I found this foundation photographs the best and offers excellent coverage, but in real life, it can have the appearance of sitting on the skin, rather than blending into it. 
Overall, I would say this is a great foundation if you’re planning on being photographed, so at weddings or big events for example.  Plus, I liked the lightweight feel and that it wasn’t uncomfortable to wear.

For reference, I am wearing shade 1.0 N, Very Fair Neutral

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Longwear Foundation

I have raved about Fenty Beauty numerous times on this blog.  I even wrote a “Definitive Guide to Fenty Beauty” last year which you can read HERE if you’re interested in learning more about the line and its products. 
As much as I love Fenty Beauty, I was hugely disappointed by this foundation.  I have really enlarged pores, so I’m particularly looking for coverage which hides them.  Instead, this foundation sunk into them, highlighting them further and making them appear bigger and more prominent.

No matter how much I blended it, I couldn’t escape that caked on look.  Also, unlike, the other two foundations, I found this one uncomfortable to wear and would always wash it off at the first opportunity.

Overall, I’m not a fan and avoid at all costs if you have enlarged pores. 
For reference, I am wearing shade 120

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