Just in case you don't know who Honest Beauty is, it's the brainchild of actress Jessica Alba, who began the line as she wanted eco-friendly, safe and sustainable products which were also luxurious and effective.

Honest Beauty Review

Honest Beauty has been on the lips of beauty editors and beauty fanatics for a while despite not being available in the UK, although I’m sure it’s only matter before we’ll be able to get our mitts on it.  Given that I’ve been Stateside I figured this was the perfect opportunity to give the skincare line a whirl and report back for future reference!

Just in case you don’t know who Honest Beauty is, it’s the brainchild of actress Jessica Alba, who began the line as she wanted eco-friendly, safe and sustainable products which were also luxurious and effective.  The line extends to skincare and makeup, while the sister brand, Honest Company, offers a host of products from baby care to cleaning products and vitamins.

As I wanted to try as much of the line as possible I purchased the Travel Kit aimed at oily skin.  It wasn’t cheap at $45 especially given 2 out of the 5 products only lasted a week.  If you’re based in the US you can pretty much get a free trial of similar products and just pay the shipping costs.  Although it is a subscription based service so if you don’t want to be continually charged on a monthly basis you must remember to call and cancel.

Refreshing Clean Gel Cleanser

I really like the cleanser.  It was exactly as promised, gentle and effective.  I definitely felt like it balanced out my oily skin without stripping it.  I also LOVE that it smelt just like a spa.

Elevated Hydration Replenishing Mist

I’m not usually a fan of spray on toners but again I liked this product.  It was soothing yet refreshing and again had that gorgeous scent.  I also thought the spray had good coverage so you only needed a couple of squirts to cover your whole face.

Dependably Clear Oil Free Moisturizer

This was one of the products which ran out very quickly.  It was also one of my least favourite because it smelt really odd, like a mix of chlorine and dirt! Having said that as a moisturiser it was pretty decent and left a nice balmy finishing on the skin, almost as if it was a primer.

Beyond Protected Oil Free Daily Beauty Fluid 

As I was in LA I was using this beauty fluid on a daily basis as it contains SPF30 and I’m desperately trying to keep any premature ageing at bay! However, I’m not sure how this could possibly be oil free as it left my skin very oily and shiny! I usually try to avoid wearing makeup during the day if I can but after using this I absolutely had to add a mattifying primer on top or translucent powder to hide the shine!

Magic Balm

This was the only full sized product and given that it retails at $18 it makes paying all that money on the Travel Kit a little more bearable.  The Magic Balm is a multi purpose product which can be used to soften and soothe anywhere on the body.  This is probably a little bit TMI but it was a saviour the other day when I was wearing a sweater without a bra which left my nipples super red and raw.  I used a touch of this and all was healed in an instant! I was pretty impressed! It smells exactly like beeswax so if you’re not partial to that scent I would avoid.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a store which ships Honest Beauty internationally yet but as I said I imagine it will only be a matter of time.  Although if you are US based you can order either directly from their website or from Ulta Beauty.

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