The first thing I have to say is it smells delicious; just like apple liquorice!


So I know I said I wanted to take a break from talking about beauty and skincare BUT I’m so excited by the new Glamglow face mask I had to share.  Regular readers will know my obsession with Glamglow products.  They are amazing and this year they have launched TWO new masks; the Glamglow Thirsty Hydrating Treatment around April time (read my review of that HERE) and only this month they launched Glamglow PowerMud DualCleanse Treatment.  It is pricey, around £49.99, I couldn’t resist!  Although I have recently found it on sale for a much better price HERE.

The first thing I have to say is it smells delicious; just like apple liquorice. Yummy… You want to eat it not put it on your face! It is a lot less thick than its predecessors.  On application the product is a lot easier to apply and the layer of mask on your face is a lot less gloopy or lumpy.  It does tingle rather a lot, especially the first application but in my eyes that means it must be doing something!! After 20 minutes rather than wash the mask off, dampen your fingers and using circular movements the mask will emulsify into a oil.  Eventually you’ll want to rinse it all off but don’t forget to enjoy this nourishing and renewing stage!

There was a noticeable difference in my skin the next day.  It definitely had a glow to it and was smoother AND brighter.  I’ve never seen such an instant change in my skin after just one use.  After being slightly disappointed with the last Glamglow launch I have been won back over! Glamglow you do the best facemasks hands down… Thank you!!!!

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