Originally all I really wanted was a concealer but those beauty counter sales people are on point and every time I fall for their pitch hook, line and sinker!

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So someone was feeling a little bit spendy in the Selfridges beauty hall! Who hasn’t been raving about the Charlotte Tilbury makeup line recently?  Therefore I thought it high time to give some of her products a whirl!

Originally all I really wanted was a concealer but those beauty counter sales people are on point and every time I fall for their pitch hook, line and sinker!  In the end I walked away with a really great selection to create the perfect flawless complexion.

Wonderglow – Instant Soft Focus Beauty Flash Primer £38.50

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This provides the most gorgeous dewy glow.  I recently raved about a similar product in my September favourites (which you can read HERE) but this Charlotte Tilbury product has definitely overtaken as my absolute favourite.  Although they are both very similar in principle the Wonderglow has a much warmer tone.  It also has some rather clever technology; it is powered by a breakthrough Fluorescent Core Light Diffuser that cleverly steals UV light from its surroundings and re-emits it as skin luminosity to disguise and transform drab, sleep-deprived skin.  It is also a cross between a complexion-enhancing light diffuser and an anti-age elixir, with collagen-boosting peptides and patented wrinkle preventing ingredients.

This is a multi use product and can be used as a primer, mixed with your foundation or as a highlight for your cheekbones and brow bone.  As it has quite a sparkly finish I tend to prefer the first two options.  This way you still get the dewy effect without the glitter but it just comes down to how you prefer your makeup.  Also, a quick tip is it has a rather runny texture so give it a shake before use and be careful not to let it run all over the place!

The Retoucher – Fair 2 £25

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This is very similar to the cult Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat which I personally never got on with.  This Retoucher, like the Wonderglow, is at the forefront of the latest beauty technology.  It is enriched with a radical Lipo-Siliconic compound and special elastomer pearls, to create a natural healing veil of colour so that imperfections disappear and pores, lines and wrinkles are minimised.

What stands out most for me is how blendable The Retoucher is.  It really melts seamlessly with your skin so there are no harsh lines or obvious tell tell signs you’re wearing concealer.  Although I like it if I’m honest it doesn’t offer the same full coverage as the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, so depending on the coverage you are looking for this may not be for you.

Air Brush Flawless Finish – Medium 2 – Skin Perfecting Mirco-Powder £33

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I use to shy away from powders as often they’d cake on skin and take away any luminosity.  However, I’ve now learned if you invest in a really good quality one with a very finely milled power they can do wonders for your skin.  This one has rose wax and almond oil so it much more hydrating than most powders and I really notice the difference.

I use this every time I wear makeup either to set my concealer or all over my face for additional coverage.  An interesting tip is if you apply this over any lipstick it gives it a matt finish.

If you are thinking of purchasing any of Charlotte Tilbury’s products I would definitely head over to her website (www.charlottetilbury.com) because it is the most informative beauty brand site I have ever been on.  Plus her YouTube tutorials are fantastic to get a good overview of how to apply the products and get the most out of them.

Also, can I just say in case you haven’t noticed already her packaging is crazy beautiful! All rose gold and mirrored… I die! I cannot wait to invest in some more of her line, next on my Tilbury wish list is her Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Reshape and Resize Lip Liner and Glastonbury Matte Revolution Luminous Modern-Matte Lipstick.  Good thing Christmas is just around the corner!!

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