The anticipation is immense as I often wait for things to go on sale before I purchase. I then have to hope, pray and sprint to the shops to get them before they sell out (that's the bargain hunter in me!).

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If I haven’t made it clear already, I have two loves in life – shopping and getting a bargain! So you can only imagine what sales season is like for me! I go weak at the knees and my credit cards get a total hammering!

The anticipation is immense as I often wait for things to go on sale before I purchase. I then have to hope, pray and sprint to the shops to get them before they sell out (that’s the bargain hunter in me!).

My latest obsession is Maje. I’ve always been a fan but this Spring/Summer 14 collection I just want everything!!! However, rather impressively I restrained myself from buying anything. Pat on the back for me please! However, this was all about to change when I got their presale card through the post. How was I to resist 30% off stuff I had been eyeing up all season???

The dress I wanted the very most was sold out in my size – boo hoo! You win some, you lose some! I quickly got over it though when I saw they had the jacquard cigarette trousers I also really wanted! They are super slick! Perfect for a nice dinner out – in fact I pulled them out for girl’s night just the other day (but that’s another post). Also, in my (very humble) opinion not enough girls wear a fabulous pair of cigarette trousers. If beautifully tailored and fabulous quality they exude high fashion, timeless glamour and elegance. EVERY girl should invest in at least one pair (or 2 or 3 in my case)!!!

One sale where you just have to go for it – don’t think – just buy, is the Net-a-porter sale!! Otherwise blink and it will be gone. So last Tuesday morning I was on it – would have been even more so if they weren’t having so many technical difficulties! Despite this I still did pretty well and managed to bag two gorgeous pairs of Gianvitto Rossi shoes. One pair was 50% off and the other was 30%.

The cutout booties (which were 30% off) I have wanted for well over a year but always missed them. Couldn’t believe it when they were in the sale! Jackpot! The other pair was irresistible bargain at 50% off. I’ve wanted a pair of Chrisitan Louboutin Pigalles for a while but whenever I try them on they are crippling and if shoes at the price are uncomfortable it’s just not worth it! These are a great alternative. Plus what a gorgeous colour!!

So these are my sale steals so far! I’m calling this “Sales, sales, sales… Part 1” because I’m sure there will be a part 2, and potentially, a part 3!!! Oh my poor finances!

Check out Maje HERE and let me know if you’re as obsessed as I am! I’m already eyeing up next season stuff…. OPPS!

I’m sure you all have seen the netaporter sale already but if not click HERE. If I were you, as it has already been going for a week and the initial rush is over, I would create a sale wish list and wait for the next lot of reductions…. Go on take the gamble and bag a super bargain! You’ll be thanking me later!

I’ve already had lots of wear out of the lilac one… the sign of a GREAT buy!!!

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