I'm more than happy to go to sample sales and rummage for that holy grail of designer bargains (and trust me I have found a few).

So the next big thing you need to know about me is I’m a shopaholic. 

The only one thing more heavenly than purchasing an item I love, is purchasing an item I love in the sale.  I’m more than happy to go to sample sales and rummage for that holy grail of designer bargains (and trust me I have found a few).  It is therefore no surprise that Bicester Village is my Mecca.  It’s an hour from London by car and worth a visit if you’re a designer, shopper or fashion lover!  Although Bicester shopping, much like sale shopping, is an art.  Here are a few of my top tips:

  • Do not ever go on a weekend – you will queue longer to get into the Prada outlet than you do Space Mountain during the Summer holidays.  Even if you have to take a days holiday from work, trust me, it is worth it!!
  • Sign up to the boutiques mailing lists.  I know it is annoying getting harassed by hundreds of emails, however if it is a brand you love it can seriously be worth it.  I often get invited to the special events and get special VIP days with additional discount, free food and gifts.  FYI Anya Hindmarch and La Perla offer the bests days out.  I once got the most amazing free gift from Anya worth over £100. 
  • Try and get friendly with the VIP client liaison manager.  One way of doing this is purchasing the Hands Free Shopping and asking to have all your bags sent the VIP Lounge.  This is where the manager’s office is.  If she sees you’re a bit of a spender she’ll definitely make the effort to get to know you and if you know her expect lots of additional freebies, such as 10% discount cards, valet parking, hands free shopping, lunches, tea, coffee, etc.
  • Don’t forget it is open till 8pm every evening.  It is always quieter in the latter part of the day.  Don’t be afraid to get there at 3pm.  It still gives you plenty of time to shop but without the hustle and bustle. 
My latest shopping trip was Monday and I have to say I was very restrained this time – only because I’m broker than broke at the moment!  Here is what I couldn’t resist:
Image 2
I desperately needed a new purse as my last was coming up to 7 years old! After a long hunt I couldn’t resist this metallic lilac one from Miu Miu. I thought it was an bargain at £144 – it will be even more of a bargain if I can get 7 years use out of it! The Prada teddy keychain is to go on the keys of my new car!
Image 4
Prada make up bags are the best and so versatile. A great classic you can never have too many of! The YSL Artsy ring was £55 – too good to pass up!
I need a floor length dress for a black tie event I have coming up. This one is from ALICE by Temperley. Unfortunately, it does’t photograph very well but it is fun, sassy and not too over the top, as I’m not a “princess dress” kind of girl. I plan on teaming it with the ALICE by Temperley belt above and some killer nude Louboutins.
Image 1
For more information about Bicester Village and how to get there, click HERE 

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