I have incredible guilt over my recent lack of focus and blogging break which has got me thinking, why do I actually blog and what it is I want to achieve?

Why I Blog

I’m more then aware I haven’t been a good blogger recently; in fact I’ve pretty much been shit.  The thing about blogging is it is an unbelievably challenging task and the responsibility of keeping it going constantly can be quite overwhelming.  I have incredible guilt over my recent lack of focus and blogging break which has got me thinking, why do I actually blog and what it is I want to achieve?

When I first started That New Dress I was stuck in a miserable job, finding it impossible to motivate myself and unable to remember the things that made me happy.  Creating my own little world online where I could talk about fashion, shopping and London living seemed like an ideal way to reinvigorate my interests and get me excited about something.  As a true technophobe I really didn’t know what I was doing and kept it very hush hush for the first six months.  However, I realised I was growing in confidence because by the time I hit the six month mark I was sharing it with all my friends and family.  I looked forward to coming home everyday from my hum drum job to something that made me happy.  In truth it helped me get through some pretty depressing moments.

Now I’m out of that awful job and taken some time out, I’m at a very different point.  My original reason for blogging is now defunct so I’ve had to reevaluate what it means to me.  I recently went to LA for an adventure where I stopped reaching for the safety and escapism my laptop offered me.  Rather then create a happy, vibrant life online, I decided I would just do it in reality instead.  To be honest there were brief moments I thought I could happily stop blogging all together.  Although after a while I began to miss it and the pride and sense of achievement it bought, so I’ve come back!  By taking a break I’ve given myself the chance to fall back in love with blogging again.  Although this time, it is purely about sharing my life, loves and fashion choices, rather than a tool for falsifying a happy life.

I think this transition has been the most tricky and defining point in my blogging journey.  The ironic thing about running a blog is it is incredibly personal (despite being shared with the entire world).  This is exactly why people say don’t have a blog purely if you want to get free stuff or make fast cash.  Firstly, I assure you the free stuff is not worth this level of effort or hard work and secondly, worthwhile sums of money only come to very few bloggers who’ve been working exceptionally hard for many years.  If it’s about stats, followers or freebies, I tell you now it’s not a worthwhile reason to endure the sweat, tears and effort blogging takes.

I really hope you enjoy the new and improved That New Dress.  I can’t wait to get stuck in and as always, if you have any comments, thoughts or post suggestions please get in touch (either below or via my email enquiries@thatnewdress.com).

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