I thought as I had a few requests to do a "What I Got For Christmas..." post, I would combine it with this and do my "Five Favourite: Christmas Presents".

Favourite Five Christmas Presents

I want to start a new monthly series on the blog called Five Favourites.  It pretty much says it in the name but the idea is to feature my five favourite/most recommended everything.  I hope it will give me the opportunity to talk about topics outside the realm of fashion and beauty which is my usual niche.  In this series I will also be touching on travel, restaurants, food, experiences and fitness to name a few.

I thought as I had a few requests to do a “What I Got For Christmas…” post, I would combine it with this and do my “Five Favourite: Christmas Presents”.

1) I think it’s fair to call Adele and Justin Bieber’s albums the best 2015.  They are currently on alternate repeat in my car.  If you’re someone like me who loves a song you can sing (or in my case screech) along to you need to get hold of these albums stat.  Obsessed!

Favourite Five Christmas Presents

2) It’s been pretty hard to get me out of this gorgeous jumper from Mint Velvet (which FYI is currently on SALE!).  I’m seriously in love because I can throw it on with nearly anything and it instantly looks great with absolutely no effort on my part.  I’m wearing a size UK12 and I think it’s a perfect fit, so I’m assuming sizes must run small because I usually wear a UK8 on top.

Favourite Five Christmas Presents

3) I absolutely love this phone case from blogger extraordinaire’s shoe and accessories company Chiara Ferragni.  It went onto my phone as soon I got it and it won’t be coming off anytime soon.  I’ve noticed this season she has launched it other glittery colours, so if silver isn’t your thing the definitely check out the new colours!

Favourite Five Christmas Presents

4) If the phone case wasn’t enough I also kindly received the matching shoes.  Over the last year I have been completely won over by slip ons but I think these are the best ones ever.  They are sparkly amazingness!  Although if you’re not so keen on this style then Chiara Ferragni has some other gorgeous ones I’ve got my eye on.  Plus today was the first day of her rather tempting sale.

Favourite Five Christmas Presents

5) Finally one of my absolute favourite gifts this year was from my beloved Anya Hindmarch.  It is also such a thoughtful gift because I’ve been doing so much traveling recently and this is perfect for putting my toiletries in, especially when going through security.  Also, to make it extra special it has been personalised with my name and has another really lovely message on the back.

Favourite Five Christmas Presents Favourite Five Christmas Presents

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