As and when I do chat about food, you can rest assured it's something I love and eat/enjoy on a regular basis (and is probably sugary to satisfy my sweet tooth!).

Recent Food Discoveries

I’m not much of a foodie which is why you don’t see all that many food related posts on here.  I don’t usually do restaurant reviews, despite London having some of the best cuisines in the world because I’m quite a picky eater and I feel I can’t offer a comprehensive overview of the dishes and all the different flavours.  That being said, as and when I do chat about food, you can be rest assured it’s something I love and eat/enjoy on a regular basis (and is probably sugary to satisfy my sweet tooth!).

Here are 3 recent food discoveries which I’m currently obsessing over:

Recent Food Discoveries

belVita Breakfast Biscuits 

It is these belVita breakfast biscuits which originally inspired me to do this post as they’ve revolutionised my morning routine.  I’ve never been much of breakfast eater which is terrible given it’s the most important meal of the day!  Although I’m sure I’m not the only one, as mornings for many are jam-packed enough without having to make breakfast too.  These biscuits are the easiest and most convenient way to jump-start your day.

Made with at least five of the finest wholegrains and rich in cereals, these are the only breakfast biscuit with proven sustainable energy which releases itself over four hours.  BelVita recommends having these as part of a balanced breakfast, i.e. with some fruit.  Although I tend to have them with my morning latte and that alone keeps me sufficiently full till lunch.

Recent Food Discoveries

My favourite is the Choc Chip belVita Breakfast Crunchy (not photographed because I ate them all already!).  They’re perfect for dunkin’ in your coffee/tea.  Although if you’re a honey fan you’re going to love these Breakfast Yogurt Crunch.

Luscombe Soft Drinks

So this is a little bit of a cheat, as Luscombe isn’t necessarily a “recent discovery”.  I’m a huge fan of elderflower and could happily drink it all day, every day but my very favourite version comes from Luscombe which is a family run business based in Devon.  What I didn’t realise is how many other flavours of yummy drinks they do, aside from my good ol’ fave!

Recent Food Discoveries

The Damascene Rose Bubbly has such a lovely subtle taste.  I’m happy to report it definitely doesn’t have that soapy taste you sometimes get with floral tasting drinks and foods.  I also highly recommend the Strawberry Crush as the ultimate drink for those that don’t want to let that summer feeling go.  It’s delicious!

Recent Food Discoveries

If you like something that’s a little bit different I would highly recommend hunting down some of Luscombe’s soft drinks.  I have the Madagascan Vanilla Soda and St Clements next on my to try list!


Ombar seems to be the “healthy chocolate” brand absolutely everyone is raving about at the moment.  I’m a total choc-o-holic!  Although sadly, as I get older my metabolism isn’t what it use to be, so I’m beginning to explore other ways to get my sweet fix without the big bars of Dairy Milk.  Cue Ombar, who use raw cacao which in simplest terms is much better for you.

Recent Food Discoveries

As far healthy chocolate goes Ombar is pretty good.  This stuff tastes pretty rich which prevents you from eating too much, so that’s an added bonus.  Plus anything with coconut in it gets the thumbs up from me!

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