The J'adior ribbon sling backs have been the "must have" shoe of 2017.

I’m currently having a “Dior moment”.  In my eyes, Dior and it’s Creative Director, Maria Grazia Chuiri, can do no wrong.  I love its beauty and elegance with the cool edge Grazia Chuiri has recently brought to the brand (read more about my love affair HERE & HERE).

The J’adior ribbon slingbacks have been the “must have” shoe of 2017.  Originally launched for SS17, they were a huge hit and almost impossible to locate.  Happily, they have been bought back for AW17 in new colours.  Just in case you’ve had your beady eye on them I thought I’d do a review sharing everything you need to know.

The Dior sling backs comes in 3 heel heights, a 10cm, a 6.5cm and a 1cm.  The bow can either be leather or the J’adior ribbon.  There are various colour options and come in lambskin leather, patent leather, suede, calfskin, tulle or velvet.

I have the nude patent sling back ballet pump with the J’adior embroidered ribbon in the 1cm heel.


I have worn these non-stop over the last few months.  These are such an elegant shoe.  I adore the exaggerated pointed toe and the pretty ribbon tied into a bow.  They go with absolutely everything, from jeans, to dresses to tailored shorts.

Whichever heel height you go for they can easily be dressed up or down but colour-wise I particularly recommend the nude as they go with absolutely everything.

I have them in a size 35.5 and they’re a touch too tight around the toe box, although the length is pretty much spot on.  In an ideal world, I would have bought them in a size 36 which is my usual size, however, these were the only ones available and I wasn’t about to miss out on them!  I would advise buying them true to size and if you’re in between sizes, it’s probably best to size down.

Often with sling backs I have the issue of them constantly slipping down the back of my foot which is SO annoying (I’m looking at you Chanel sling backs!).  With these I’ve fortunately never had that issue but this is another reason I advise sizing down, if you’re between sizes, to make sure you get that snug fit.


The quality of these are absolutely fantastic.  As I’ve said I’ve worn them endlessly and they’re still in pretty good nick.  The heels have hardly worn, the J’adior ribbon is still white and the patent leather hasn’t marked at all.  I’m not someone that looks after their shoes all that well, I tend to throw them around and not treat them with the care they deserve!  So, the fact that these still look as good as they do, is a testament to Dior’s quality.

Unfortunately, I’m a klutz and I’ve stubbed the toe on both shoes quite badly, so they are a bit scuffed.  I blame this on me rather than the shoes but it does show that they’re not completely fool proof.

Also, you know a pair of shoes is great quality when you don’t have to break them in.  I could pretty much wear these without any issues straight off the bat.


These aren’t the cheapest shoes, they range from £580-£650.  However, I’ve definitely got my cost per wear out of them.  Again, I really recommend the nude colour as they go with absolutely everything.

There is some argument these are a “trend” shoe and they won’t have fashion longevity.  Personally, I think they’ll still be hot for at least a couple more seasons which gives you plenty of time to wear and enjoy them.  You’ll honestly be amazed how good they look with pretty much anything and everything.

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Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

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