I wear these boots just about anywhere at almost anytime of year.

It has been a while since I’ve written a designer review post.  In this post, I’m chatting about a pair of boots which have been around for a while but nevertheless are still worth talking about.  I thought this was apt timing because as we edge closer to Black Friday and the seasonal sales I have a sneaky suspicion you might be able to bag them with a substantial discount.

I own the Givenchy Studded Buckle Ankle Boots in Grey Suede in size 36 which is my usual size.  As always, I’ll be discussing their wearability, versatility and value for money. In addition, I’ve also added a new section, called “Outfit Inspo” which shares the different ways I’ve worn and styled them over the years.    


I wear these boots just about anywhere at almost anytime of year.  Although I adore the colour, I have a love hate relationship with the suede. Amazingly, I managed to keep them in pretty good condition until earlier this year when I got caught in a rain storm in New York.  Sadly, they now have a few dark splodges which won’t come off.  To be fair, prior to said rainstorm they were surprisingly clean given the amount of wear they’d had, especially as they were subjected to busy days traipsing around London, jumping on and off the tube.  Leather is obviously much sturdier than suede, so if mine were leather I really think they would look as good as new.  

Having said that, I do like the suede as they have a more relaxed, easy-going look to them whereas the leather is more structured.  As you can see in the photos I tend to wear mine loose and partly undone which I think really suits the suede.  

Of course, not everyone likes the messy, more rugged look.  For those that want something more elegant, the Givenchy Biker Boot still works. When they’re buckled up to the top they look surprisingly chic, especially when paired with a slick pair of leather skinnies and a blazer.  

All in all, these are easy to wear and style.  I personally love the soft grey shade but they come in a whole host of different colours and prints, so you can choose an option reflective of your personality and closet.  

Finally, it’s also worth noting how comfy these are.  I never had to break them in as they were immediately comfortable and I can happily walk all day in them without any problems. In terms of comfort these get a massive thumbs up.  


In the 3 plus years I’ve had these boots I’ve worn them with just about everything.  As I’ve already mentioned they can be worn with the buckles done up or undone to give them a whole different look.  

They can also be worn with a host of different items in your closet.  My personal favourite is styled with either a maxi dress or skirt but they look equally fab with jeans and leggings.  My personal favourite way to wear them is with a pretty or ethereal dress as these boots really dress it down and add an edge to the whole look.

It’s also worth sharing, I’ve worn these boots on the coldest winter day and in the midst of summer. You’ll see in the outfit inspo section how I’ve style these across the seasons.

These really are on a throw on with anything kind-of-boot and that reason they get 10/10 for versatility.  

Value for Money

Without a shadow of a doubt, I’ve got my value for money out of these boots.  However, this does not mean they are not expensive.  They retail just under the £1000 mark.  While I think it’s possible to get a lot of wear out them and they’re a classic style which will stand the test of time, I still think £1000 is too much to spend.  I purchased mine several years ago and there have been several price hikes in the interim but more importantly, I bought mine on sale with 50% off.  If you’re able to snag a pair with a substantial discount then this is the moment to snap them up.  If you can score them around £500, don’t think twice, as you’ll definitely get your cost per wear out of them.  Places to keep an eye out for them on sale is Net a Porter, Harvey Nichols, 24S and the Givenchy boutique at Bicester Village.  Another option is to look for a preloved pair where you could potentially score them with up to 70% off RRP.  

I really hope this post has been helpful and provided a complete overview of the Givenchy biker boots.  These boots have been around for a while but I really think there is longevity in this style.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m still rocking these for another 5-6 years to come!     

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