Louboutin reigns and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future as the go-to brand for attention grabbing heels.

Review Christian Louboutin Pigalle

If you’re into your luxury brands or heels then a pair of Christian Louboutins are a wardrobe staple.  There’s something about those seductive red lacquered soles that makes women (and men) go weak at the knees.  Louboutin reigns and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future as the go-to brand for attention grabbing heels.

Review Christian Louboutin Pigalle

I think most people would agree the classic Louboutin style is the Pigalle, which is basically a very elegant pointed pump.  It rarely goes on sale, even the seasonal colours usually sell out long before the sale even begins and if you’re after the nude or black, expect the prices to go up almost year on year.

The Pigalle comes in 3 different heel heights, 120mm, 100mm and 80mm.  The classic colours are black and nude.  FYI the nude is similar but just a touch pinker than the shade I have on.

The Pigalle I’m wearing is patent leather with a 100mm heel in the colour Colombe which is seasonal shade.

Review Christian Louboutin Pigalle


If you like your heels you’ll love these.  They couldn’t be more wearable; they look amazing with EVERYTHING.  I’ll happily wear them all year round, either glammed up for a night out or for meetings paired with a power suit.  I always feel confident wearing them and there is something about the red sole that makes me feel that little bit sassier!  They 100% tick the wearability box.

Review Christian Louboutin PigalleReview Christian Louboutin Pigalle


So Christian Louboutin gets a bad rep for comfort which quite honestly is well deserved!  I have quite a few pairs of his shoes which are simply unwearable (you can read me moaning about a pair HERE).  The Pigalle shape has a bad rep which is one of the few I think is unfair.  While these certainly aren’t the comfiest shoes in the world, given the heel height and sharp pointed toe, they’re actually not that bad.  I could easily wear these for most of the night without too many issues.  Plus they do pass the twirling test with flying colours!


I recommend taking your normal size and if you’re between sizes, size down.  They should feel slightly snug especially around the toebox.  These do stretch a little, even in the patent leather, so it’s much better to errr on the smaller side.

Review Christian Louboutin Pigalle

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The quality is great.  I’ve noticed very little wear and tear.  Even the red soles have worn at a reasonable rate.

Review Christian Louboutin PigalleReview Christian Louboutin Pigalle


These start from £425 and obviously if you go for an exotic leather, glitter or an embellished version the price does go up.  Although these are undeniably a lot of money they are on par with the likes of Jimmy Choo and Gianvito Rossi and if you compare them with Valentino Rockstuds which retails for £630, they’re good value in comparison.  Plus you have to consider just how much potential wear you can get out of these, which is a lot.  If you’re a heel girl and can happily strut around them all day long (sadly I’m not one!), you could potentially wear these all day every day!

Review Christian Louboutin PigalleReview Christian Louboutin Pigalle

Given the immense popularity of the Pigalle, Louboutin designed various different versions of it in a bid to make it even sexier.  One of these is the Pigalle Follies, which I have in patent leather in heel height 100mm in the seasonal colour Rose.

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The main differences between the Pigalle and Pigalle Follie are the much narrower, more tapered heel, the slightly slimmer and more pointed toe and the toe box which is cut lower so you get slightly more “toe cleavage”.

Review Christian Louboutin Pigalle

I’m not going to run through the 5 individual points for this style because I really have only one thing to say about them.  They are painful from the moment you put your foot in them and I wouldn’t dream of wearing them for more than hour, maybe two at push, even if I was at a sit down dinner.  These are shoes to be looked at and not worn!

Review Christian Louboutin PigalleReview Christian Louboutin Pigalle

There’s no denying the Pigalle Follies are beautiful shoes but they are not worth the extra discomfort.  If you want to add some Christian Louboutin heels to your shoe collection, I would wholehearted recommend sticking to the original Pigalle shape.  Trust me, your feet will thank you!

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