It is elegant yet edgy and contemporary but classic.  It manages to be everything you want and more.

Owning an Acne Studios leather jacket was on my wish-list for at least 18 months before I took the plunge and finally purchased one.  If you’ve been around this blog for a while you’ll know I tend to hold out for sales or special promotions before I buy something pricey.  I’m a firm believer even when it comes to luxury fashion, you can still shop smart, and this jacket is the perfect example of that.

My favourite outlet destination, Bicester Village, recently had a massive extension and added 30 new boutiques.  One of these new stores was Acne Studios.  As soon as I heard they’d opened up, I immediately planned a trip, specifically to score a leather jacket.  I ended up buying the Leather Biker Jacket in beige in a size FR32.

If you’d like to check out my full Bicester Village haul from this shopping trip you can find it HERE.  If you’d like to see some previous Bicester Village hauls, you can find them HEREHERE & HERE.


I wear this jacket constantly and now the weather is getting warmer, I doubt I’ll ever take it off.  It goes with just about everything.  I can team it with dresses, jeans, skirts, playsuits and tailored trousers.  If you don’t believe me, you only need to see these posts HERE, HERE and HERE to see how obsessed I am with it.

Leather jackets in general are a wardrobe must-have and any good quality one should be versatile enough to team with a number of different looks.  However, there is something about the cut, slighter shorter length and fit of an Acne Studios jacket which blows every other leather jacket out the water.  It is elegant yet edgy and contemporary but classic.  It manages to be everything you want and more.

I was keen to invest in a jacket which wasn’t classic black, so this nude was perfect as it has a touch of feminity to it.  The great thing about Acne Studios is they’re known for leather jackets, so every season they bring out a new colour.  Whether you’re looking for black or something different, you’re bound to find your perfect shade.

My only gripe with this jacket is the belt.  As the buckle is quite heavy it weighs the belt down, so you do have to be wary of it sliding out of the belt loops.  Some people knot the belt around one of the loops, to stop them fretting about losing it.


I do not know one person who owns an Acne Studios leather jacket who doesn’t rave about the quality.  The great thing about these jackets is they get better with age, they’re like your favourite comfy armchair.  They just feel inviting and effortless.  

The leather isn’t the softest or supplest I’ve ever felt but equally, it’s not overly stiff either.  It is a perfect balance between smooth and hardwearing.  The great thing is you don’t have to worry about it scratching, it’s very hardy.  In terms of leather quality, it deserves a full 10/10.

My only initial worry about buying this jacket was the colour.  It’s so light I thought it might be susceptible to dirt.  However, it seems to pretty resilient so far and I’ve definitely put it through its paces!  I’ve worn in on the underground, out to bars/clubs and in the park, so far it’s stood the dirt test pretty well.


As I mentioned I bought this jacket at Bicester Village and it was around 40% off RRP.  Full price they are usually about £1200 but I paid £840.  I’m not going to say this is the greatest bargain of all time but I know I will easily get my cost per wear out it.

It’s rare to be able to buy something so classic with such a sizeable discount.  If you have your heart set on an Acne Studios leather jacket, I highly, highly advise either visiting or contacting the boutique at Bicester Village to see what they have available.  When I was last there they had a selection of about 5 or 6 leather jackets in various colours and styles.

If you’re not UK based, there are also a couple of Acne outlets in mainland Europe called Acne Archives which I’ve heard are amazing.  If you’re holidaying in Copenhagen or Stockholm, I highly advise making the effort to visit.  Also, NetaPorter occasionally puts their leather pieces on sale too, so keep your eyes peeled when the sales roll around.

Outfit details: Jacket – Acne Studios (find HERE or HERE in black) | Polo neck – Mango (similar HERE) | Jeans – ZARA | Boots – Balenciaga (find HERE & HERE in white) | Bag – Sadie Stone (find HERE – use promo code THATNEWDRESS for 10% off)

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Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

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