This 10 piece capsule wardrobe are essentials to have in any closet regardless of its size.

Capsule Wardrobe

If I had to limit my wardrobe to 10 key pieces I’d be pretty unhappy about it because I love clothes and lots of them!  However if I really had to, I could easily whittle it down.  This 10 piece capsule wardrobe are essentials to have in any closet regardless of its size.

1. Black Jeans

Nothing beats a pair of well fitted, comfortable black jeans.  I’m all about the Joni jean from Topshop and if you haven’t tried them already, you need to!

2. Skirt

A black skirt is an obvious staple.  I chose one that’s short and has to be worn with tights as I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pencil skirt.

3. Little Black Dress

It’s essential this dress works day to night and office to bar.  A classic knee length black dress offers this versatility.  Once you find that perfect one, never let it go!

4. Leggings

I’m sorry but I’m a legging girl! I know, I know it’s neither cool nor classy but every wardrobe needs a throw on and run to the corner shop outfit and it doesn’t get comfier then a pair of leggings.  Sometimes it needs to be all about comfort first and not fashion!  It’s worth investing in ones from PINK Victoria’s Secret because they don’t go see-through and keep sufficient stretch for ages.

5. Oversized Jumper

My absolute wardrobe essential.  Never underestimate the power of an oversized jumper and how happily cosy it can make you feel.  Read more about my oversized jumper obsession in my Everyday Uniform post HERE.

6. The Perfect Tee

You can have these in every colour but it only counts as 1 item.  There are two camps when it comes to the perfect tee.  One says you should invest in great quality ones and buy from labels such as T by Alexander Wang and James Perse.  Whereas I sit in the other camp and I buy my favourite tees from H&M.  They may not last forever but at least you’re not spending £100 on each one.  They have a great selection of colours and different cuts and I think they rival the big brands in terms of how they look on.

7. Blazer

If you still haven’t found yourself the perfect blazer which sees you from the office to a night out then head to ZARA.  They have the best fit, quality and look, without the Saint Laurent price tag!

8. Casual Jacket

This should go with jeans, dresses and skirts.  The length is essential, I generally find it needs to be on the shorter side in order to go with everything.  It can be any material, even a gorgeous beaten leather jacket but it needs to offer that laid back, thrown on, easy going look.

9. Cardigan

I love to throw a cardigan over a dress or chuck one in my bag in case it gets a bit chilly.  With cardigans keep them hip length and light weight fabric.  Wear them with a belt or a brooch to shuzz them up a bit and move away from the twinset and pearl look!  H&M have a great selection and are a fab price!

10. Silk Shirt

Personally I like silk shirts as they’re a bit more on the elegant side.  Every wardrobe should invest in a white one and a black one.  You’ll find yourself wearing it all the time because they look fab with everything!  Equipment is a great place to look if you’re looking for a gorgeous one which will last forever.

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