Not only are they perfect for the matchy-matchy obsessives, but they also have an effortless cool-chick look to them.

It’s no secret I LOVE my Dior Ultra Black Diorama. I have endlessly raved about it on here, my YouTube channel and Instagram page.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were sick to death of hearing about it! It’s hands down been my most worn and loved bag since I purchased it in 2018.   

I’m still quite old school when it comes to mixing metals.  Ideally, I like to wear either all gold or all silver.  For those who think like me (or for those that are simply indecisive), if you don’t own a black handbag with black hardware, you are missing a trick! The joys of being able to throw your bag on without needing to worry about whether it matches your accessories or jewellery is such a joy. Quite honestly, a bag with black hardware is the only black bag you’ll probably ever need.  It can literally be worn with everything. 

Not only are they perfect for the matchy-matchy obsessives, but they also have an effortless cool-chick feel to them.  The fact that it can be worn rock’n’roll chic with a leather biker jacket or seriously sexy with a LBD, only adds to their ample appeal.  

Given the Chanel So Black and Dior Ultra Black have become so iconic and popular, a host of other brands have recently followed suit and bought out their own handbags with matte black hardware.  

Fortunately, there is something to suit every budget and I’ve listed some of the best currently for sale. Other than the Dior Diorama, my personal favourites are the Off White Jitney and Charles & Keith Chunky Chain Link.   

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