By adding an oversized cashmere jumper this instantly gives it a more casual vibe.

I am a sucker for a full-length lace dress and if it has frills and embroidery, then all the better!  I definitely own far more than I need but like a magpie is attracted to sparkle, I’m helplessly drawn to lace and plenty of it!

As gorgeous as they are, the problem is they’re not the most wearable of pieces, particularly during the day.  Also, the best ones aren’t that purse friendly, so I’m not exactly getting my cost per wear out of them.  This led me to think, is there a way I can take a glamorous evening dress and make it more daytime appropriate.

By adding an oversized cashmere jumper this instantly gives it a more casual vibe.  Not only are you hiding half of the glamorous looking lace but you’re also covering up any plunging necklines and adding sleeves (most of my full-length lace dresses are sleeveless).  Also, the mix of lace and cashmere adds texture and interest while still keeping the overall look paired back.

I had to belt the jumper as I looked like a massive frumpball otherwise!  However, if you’re quite tall and slim you could wear a more fitted, fine knit sweater which will emphasise your petite frame and won’t need to be belted.

I added my vintage Chanel backpack as nothing dresses an outfit down more than a backpack.  The vintage vibe also helps to give a more casual look.

On a random side note, I’m often emailed about my Chanel bags and asked which is my favourite and which I’d recommend purchasing.  Although this backpack isn’t my most used Chanel, it is definitely my favourite.  For anyone who is a Chanel fanatic, I would highly advise investing in a bag from the 1980/90s.  They have a lot more “cool” factor than some of the newer pieces.  Plus, if truth be told, the quality of the older bags is much better than the newer ones.  Just be sure to get one that is still in good condition, as repairing them can be quite costly.

Given that I am on the short side, anything that is long, whether it be dresses, skirts or trousers, I have to pair with heels.  Although I’m a comfort first kinda gal, I do occasionally wear heels during the day.  These boots are the one pair I’ll happily wear day to night.  Also, if you read my last post about them (catch it HERE if you missed it), you’ll understand why I’m so keen to get my cost per wear out of them!

If like me, you have to wear a heel I’d advise going for boot as they have a much more relaxed vibe than a pump or sandal.  If you’re tall enough to get away with a flat shoe, I think I biker boots, slides or mules would look insanely good with this outfit.

So, to conclude, my top tips to making any full-length dress daytime appropriate is to add a cashmere or fine knit sweater, a backpack (ideally something vintage) and team it with a pair of boots.  Simple!

Outfit details: Dress – ASOS (find HERE) | Sweater – Duffy (similar HERE & HERE on SALE) | Belt – Prada (similar HEREHERE) | Shoes – Louis Vuitton (similar HERE & HERE) | Bag – Chanel (find HERE)

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Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

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