This skirt makes me feel giddy and I'm totally besotted.  If truth be told I never thought I would be able to own a Chanel piece like this.

Decades Melrose

Although I adore the jacket I got in my Decades, Melrose Ave: Part 1 blogpost (catch it HERE if you missed it) the piece I’m going to talk about in this post completely won my heart!  It is the most breathtaking full length vintage Chanel skirt.

Decades MelroseDecades Melrose

Outfit Details: Skirt – Chanel (similar-ish HERE) | Top – Calypso St Barth (similar HERE & HERE) | Shoes – Christian Louboutin (find HERE)

It is beautiful and oh so glamorous piece with stunning detailing only Chanel could master.  Admittedly it’s not particularly practical and very unlikely to worn often (if at all)!  Although perfection isn’t always about practicality.  Made out with cream wool with pearl detailing on the top half and the most amazing lace ruffle train.  For me this skirt is a landmark Chanel piece and I can only imagine how much it once cost new in store.  Although it’s probably not, it feels like it could almost be a couture piece because it has so many incredible elements. This skirt makes me feel giddy and I’m totally besotted.  If truth be told I never thought I would be able to own a Chanel piece like this.

Decades MelroseDecades MelroseDecades MelroseDecades Melrose

I promised in my last post I’d share how I landed a nice little discount on my two items.  It was actually kind of by fluke!  For this skirt I ended up paying $675 (excluding tax) even though it was marked for $825.  So between this and my jacket I made a saving of $400.  Spending the amount I did is a serious deal and not something I can do lightly.  If I think about it too much it makes me feel a little bit sick! I knew I wanted the skirt as it’s such an incredible statement piece and so typically Chanel with that gorgeous pearl detailing and intricate lace.  Also, out of the two pieces I felt it was more reasonably priced.  The jacket on the other hand was a much harder amount to swallow.  The sales assistant could I see I was umm’ing and err’ing so offered to see if she could do something on the price if I purchased both which I obviously jumped at the chance.  I don’t know if this is something they offer if you buy multiple items only but it’s definitely worth asking if you see something you love but not sure how you’re going to justify it!

Decades MelroseDecades Melrose

One of the things I do want to touch on is Decades‘ customer service.  Sadly, if you Google the store for reviews it’s a real mixed bag with lots of comments about their poor customer service.  When I shopped there the staff were all so lovely and as excited about my new purchases as I was.  I can hand on heart say I had a wonderful experience.  The shop is laid out like a high end boutique and does have an air of exclusivity to it.  Personally I hate snotty stores with stuck up customer service more than anything so it’s disappointing to read so many people have had an unhappy shopping or consigning experience at Decades.  All I can say about this, is hopefully they’ve taken all the feedback into account and have worked on treating anyone who walks into the store with the best possible service.

Photographs taken by Meghan D’evelyn

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