Skincare is my biggest weakness in the beauty realm.  I'm much more likely to get spendy over skincare than makeup or hair care.

Skincare is my biggest weakness in the beauty realm.  I’m much more likely to get spendy over skincare than makeup or hair care.

I wanted to share my latest new in products which are all worth a mention for the good and not so good.

Sanoflore – Organic Ancient Rose Floral Water Clarifying Facial Toner

I’m not usually a big fan of face mists but this one really surprised me.  I absolutely love it.  Firstly, it smells divine and secondly, it’s ideal as a quick and easy toner.  I spray a generous spritz of it after cleansing and it’s wonderfully refreshing.  Ideal in the summer.

As if that isn’t enough Sanoflore is a fully certified organic skincare brand, so I’m keen to give the rest of the line a try.

Shop it HERE

Lycon – Anti Bump Foaming Gel

This was an accidental find which has been an absolute game changer.  Annoyingly, I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris on the back of my arms (basically tiny little bumps and dry patches of skin) which isn’t ideal in the summer when you want to wear sleeveless tops and dresses.

This contains Salicylic Acid and Lemon Tea Tree and has helped enormously!  It has my skin noticeably smoother and softer.   It’s also great at eradicating ingrown hairs too.

Shop it HERE

Mary Kay – Timewise Repair Volu-firm lifting serum

I’m usually a huge fan of serums but I feel like this one doesn’t do an awful lot unfortunately.  I tend to pair it with Mary Kay’s Vitamin C Squares and I found it doesn’t sit on my skin very well.  There are definitely better serums on the market.

Shop it HERE

Bioderma – Photoderm MAX SPF 50+ Tinted Aquafluid

As we’re in the midst of a mini heatwave this couldn’t be more useful. We all know SPF is absolutely essential but lets be honest, wearing it can be a bit of a pain.  Not only do I usually forget to add it into my morning routine, I find it can clog my pores and add unwanted shine.

However, as someone who doesn’t usually wear makeup, I love that this is tinted.  It just provides a nice finish to the skin.  Also, given Bioderma is the best when it comes to gentle but effective products, it shouldn’t come as a surprise I’ve had no irritation or blemishes from using this.

Shop it HERE

Nourish – Kale 3D Cleanse

Nourish was a whole new discovery.  I hadn’t even heard of the brand previously to getting this cleanser but now I have, I definitely want to try more of their line.

At first I thought this might be a bit of a gimmick, whoever heard of Kale having good skincare properties!?  However, this is a purifying cleanser at its best, it’s great at getting into those pores and clearing out any grime and dirt.  Also, I love that it smells like a high-end spa.

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Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

I was kindly gifted some of the items featured in this post. Thank you Sanoflore, Mary Kay and Bioderma for sending me these products to review. As always all opinion remain my own. Also, please note this post contains affiliate links. This does not affect you, the consumer, in the slightest. It simply means the retailer provides a small percentage of the sale to the individual who influenced the sale.

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