So if Shellac is at one end of the spectrum, Little Ondine would be at the other.

I’ve already raved about Little Ondine on my Instagram Stories but the love is SO real, I thought I’d do a blogpost about them too.  When it comes to grooming the thing I struggle the most with is my nails and keeping them looking presentable.  I find the whole process really boring and time consuming.  I don’t particularly enjoy going to salon to have them done nor do I like doing them at home myself.  When I discovered Little Ondine it was a game changer!  Finally a product which was quick, easy and convenient in every sense.

So if Shellac is at one end of the spectrum, Little Ondine would be at the other.  This is for several reasons.  Firstly, Shellac is a lengthy procedure to apply, whereas this dries pretty near instantaneously.

Secondly, removing Little Ondine is a dream.  Unlike Shellac which is a real faff and can take 15-20 minutes, Little Ondine literally just peels off your nail in seconds.  All you need to do is prise the polish in one corner and it peels off in one easy sweep.

The downside is it’s nowhere near as long lasting as Shellac.  I have managed to get a Little Ondine manicure with the help of their top coat to last almost a week but when I do it myself at home without the top coat (I haven’t got around to purchasing one yet) I get about 2-3 days out of it before it starts to lift and chip away.

Little Ondine is predominantly driven by convenience rather than longevity.  For example, if you have an event coming up and you’re short on time, Little Ondine polish will give you fully painted and dry nails within 10 minutes.

As if all that isn’t enough it’s also scent free, so you can finally paint your nails on a plane, bus or train and not disturb anyone.  It’s also toxin free, cruelty free and vegan.

Prices start from £11 per bottle.  I purchased mine directly from the Little Ondine website but they’re also available on QVC and Not On The Highstreet. Although my best advice is to follow their Instagram account, as every now and again they do some great promotional deals which are worth looking out for.

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Don’t forget you can also keep up with me on Instagram @thatnewdress, Twitter @thatnewdress, Bloglovin That New Dress and Snapchat thatnewdress.

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