Although this product has earned a cult status, I was very apprehensive as its actually had a mixed bag of reviews.

Its been a while since I’ve done a beauty review and boy have I got a good one for you today!  I was quite late to the Sunday Riley party and Good Genes is the first of their products I have tried.  Although this product has earned a cult status, I was very apprehensive as its actually had a mixed bag of reviews.  There are a few who say it’s much too harsh, causes breakouts and irritates the skin.  As someone who suffers from sensitive, breakout prone skin, I was nervous as to which side of the fence I would fall.

Rather than drag out my conclusion, I’m just going to say it straight up – this has been spectacular for my skin.  I have seen outstanding results and noticeable differences.  Without a shadow of a doubt I have seen the most results from this product over anything else I have ever tried.  The biggest change is how much smoother my skin is now.  One of my biggest bug bears is I have quite bumpy skin, so anything to clear that up is a godsend.  Also, I’ve seen a reduction in scarring and a more even skin tone.  This is a miracle worker and I will be using it for the foreseeable future.

If you are wondering where it fits into your beauty regime I generally apply it to post cleansed skin but before my Clinique pore refiner, eye cream and moisturiser.

I do have two criticisms.  The first is the ridiculous price tag, it’s £85 (although a little less if you live in the US).  The other is if you’re using it twice a day as recommended then it doesn’t last very long.  I admittedly had a smaller bottle (15ml rather than the standard size 30ml) because I bought it as part of a gift set, but for it only to last less than a month was disappointing.  Having said that I’m a big believer in investing in your skin, so I will keep shelling out for it.

If you’re looking for an incredible product which works nothing short of miracles then I strongly suggest treating yourself to Good Genes from Sunday Riley.

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