The Glamglow Flashmud Brighting Treatment is the latest member in the Glamglow product line and when it comes to face masks they do my absolute favourites.

Glamglow Flashmud Review

The Glamglow Flashmud Brighting Treatment is the latest member in the Glamglow product line and when it comes to face masks they do my absolute favourites.  I have raved about them six hundred million times before, so it will be no surprise I had to try this newbie out!

Glamglow Flashmud Review

Glamglow makes some pretty big claims about this mask stating “powerful and innovative complexes help to create the brightest, lightest and luminous perfect sexy skin.  Designed for instant and extended results…“.  So I thought I’d give this a real road test and trial it while I was having a terrible bout of problem skin induced by lots of travel and lack of sleep from the worst jet lag.  I was basically hoping for miracles!  I followed the instructions to a T and used it for 3 consecutive days as recommended and then carried on once or twice a week.

First impressions:

It has a strong smell of orange juice/ grapefruit which can become a tad overwhelming over a prolonged period.  Surprisingly despite the pungent fragrance my (super) sensitive skin suffered no irritation or uncomfortable stinging, even on the first application.

It’s very grainy, making it an excellent exfoliant.  Personally I lean toward exfoliators with larger pumice granules because I feel they tend to be more efficient and despite the large sand like particles it didn’t irritate at all.

Glamglow Flashmud Review

Ease of Use:

Very simple to use and there is no tightness or pulling.  I tend to apply it in the evening between cleansing and toning.  I used circular motions when applying to ensure I got maximum exfoliation.  Leaving it on for 20 minutes didn’t prove any hassle, as it dried quickly and, if anything encouraged me to take some time to relax for a bit!

Flashmud contains some acid, so it’s partially a peel mask as well as a physical exfoliator.  Most exfoliators focus on the chemical or physical aspect but don’t do well in both, either the grains are too sparse in the peels or the chemical are too gentle in the scrubs whereas this successfully offers both.  It is because of this acid you are advised to wear suncream if you’re going to be out in direct sunlight after use.

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My skin did instantly feel softer, smoother and more hydrated without being oily.  After using it twice a week for a couple of weeks I was started to see other results too.  My skin was slightly brighter and skin texture was more refined.  However, I would’t say there was a sizeable change, it was definitely quite subtle.

Glamglow masks are known for providing instant results, whereas this one I think you need to stick with it before you see any noticeable changes.  That’s not to say it isn’t worth it eventually, you just need to remain persistent with Flashmud.

Glamglow Flashmud Review

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