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1st January 2016

2015 Favourites

As we turn our back on 2015, I thought I'd start the first day of this new year on a positive note by chatting all about the products, brands and memories which have stood out and I have nothing but love for.  So lets get straight into it! Read more

11th November 2015

Thoughts of the Month: Personal Value

It's no secret I love fashion.  I began this blog as an outlet to talk about fashion, my style and my latest fashion acquisitions.  I choose to invest heavily in clothes, shoes and bags, partly because what I wear is an expression of who I am and partly because if I feel I look great on the outside then it makes me feel great on the inside.  Interestingly, I often get (judgemental) gasps from my friends, family and colleagues about my spending choices which they sometimes see as extravagant. Recently I got to thinking about how each of us choose to spend our hard earned money and what exactly is "personal value". Read more

8th November 2015

25 Random Facts About Me

As a blogger I am obviously completely self obsessed(!) so I'm doing the well worn blogpost, "25 random facts about me".  It's time to get personal... Read more

2nd October 2015

Thoughts of the Month: Why I Blog

I'm more then aware I haven't been a good blogger recently; in fact I've pretty much been shit.  The thing about blogging is it is an unbelievably challenging task and the responsibility of keeping it going constantly can be quite overwhelming.  I have incredible guilt over my recent lack of focus and blogging break which has got me thinking, why do I actually blog and what it is I want to achieve? Read more

3rd July 2015

Handbag Snoop

Today I thought I'd do a "What's in my Handbag" style post.  I've been using this bag everyday for a while and it feels like I'm carrying a brick around, so even I'm keen to have a snoop in the ol' handbag! Read more

21st April 2015


I thought doing the TMI Tag would be a fun way of getting to know me a bit more, plus it seems to be a tag everyone has done so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon! Read more

23rd March 2015

That New Dress Giveaway!!!

Last month I hit 1000 followers on Instagram and I was pretty darn delighted about it! I thought the best way to celebrate was with a giveaway from two of my FAVOURITE brands, Charlotte Tilbury and Jo Malone. Read more

12th January 2015

Oohhh… It’s My Birthday!

I'm one year older (as of yesterday) and probably not a darn bit wiser! There is no escaping adulthood now and possibly even botox! This year I thought I'd keep it a bit more sophisticated and host a dinner party for my family and BFF in the depths of the countryside  Read more

29th December 2014

2014 Favourites

Choosing an entire year of favourites and rolling it into one post proved to be a lot trickier than I originally expected! This year has absolutely flown by and I was lucky to have some really amazing moments so limiting it down to just a very few favourites was HARD! Read more

22nd December 2014

The Easiest Festive Sweets: Peppermint Creams

These bite size sweets are perfect to make as last minute Christmas gifts for your friends, colleagues & family.  They look pretty and taste very yummy! Also, if you're looking to make a something completely idiot proof then these are it! Read more

28th September 2014

What’s in my Bag…

There is no denying I'm a nosy person! I'm a big fan of the What's in my bag... blogpost as it gives us all a chance to delve into something that is usually a private and personal part of a woman's life.  People are always telling me I have such a heavy bag and asking me what on earth is in there!? So here is my first ever version of this popular post... Read more