I've been using this bag everyday for a while and it feels like I'm carrying a brick around, so even I'm keen to have a snoop in the ol' handbag!

Handbag Snoop

Today I thought I’d do a “What’s in my Handbag” style post.  I’ve been using this bag everyday for a while and it feels like I’m carrying a brick around, so even I’m keen to have a snoop in the ol’ handbag!

I’m going to ‘fess up from the start and say there was a huge amount of crinkled receipts, sweet packets and gum wrappers lurking in the hidden depths but I figured that was pretty gross and you didn’t want to see all that, but here is the rest of the contents:

The Essentials:

Handbag Snoop

The things I’d be lost without are:

  • My purse – Plus the all important Nandos card… I mean helloooo & YUM!!
  • Separate card holder – I have wayyy too many loyalty cards but I’m a sucker for shopping rewards (similar HERE)
  • iPhone & charger
  • Nikon Coolpix S6900 – for snaps on the go.  This one isn’t great, so I’m currently looking for a new one, suggestions welcome!
  • Headphones (find HERE)
  • Spare contact lenses – I’m blind without them
  • iPad
  • Tube map – Because I’m a Londoner
  • Last week’s Big Issue – I think this is the most amazing charity ever with incredible core values.  Next time you walk past a Big Issue seller please stop and buy one.  It’s the best £2.50 you’ll spend all week and as their ethos so brilliantly puts it, it’s a hand up, not a hand out

The Dog

Handbag Snoop

My spoilt little Simba has a host of goodies I lug around with me:

  • Poo bags – A necessary evil when you have a dog but at least they’re pretty (find HERE)
  • Treats – I’ve just discovered The Innocent Hound and I’m loving their products.  They are the best quality treats I’ve come across.  Also they have a cat line too, called the The Innocent Cat
  • Doggy Day Care Leaflet – I picked this up because Doodley Dogs is dog sitting with a difference.  Firstly, they have webcams so you watch your dog while sat at your computer in the office, which provides the best peace of mind you can ask for.  If that isn’t enough the creche facilities also offer a specially designed suspended floor to absorb impact when they’re running and jumping around, infra red heating, fresh air pumped into the space at all times and is completely oder free.  They also offer behavioural and training classes.  Unfortunately they are currently only based in the West Sussex area, I say bring one to London stat!! 

The Beauty Bits

Handbag Snoop

For all those much needed touch ups:

  • Sunglasses – For when it’s sunny or more often to hide a late night or hangover (find HERE)
  • Hair clip – For when you’re hair goes flat and lifeless at the end of the day (similar HERE)
  • Perfume – As it is officially Spring I’m wearing my second favourite Jo Malone perfume of all time, White Jasmine and Mint.  It’s fresh, crisp and has a hint of floral (find HERE)
  • Vaseline – A staple in this changing weather to keep chapped lips at bay (find HERE)
  • Tissues
  • Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks – Colours Amazing Grace & Love Liberty (find HERE)
  • Zoeva Makeup Brush – from the Rose Golden Luxury set (find HERE)
  • Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro Powder – To keep that horrid shiny T-Zone at bay.  Colour 2 (find HERE)
  • Mac Lipsticks – Colours Velvet Teddy & Brave (find HERE)
  • Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Pencil – Colour Pillowtalk (find HERE)

And the Rest

Handbag Snoop

Lastly, the bits that got missed out:

  • Passport – In case some last minute international travel arises (Yea right, that never happens!)
  • Notebook – I write down thoughts, ideas, blog stuff, lists and all sorts.  If it’s not written on a piece of paper I’ll forget; an important essential.
  • Sharpie – Who doesn’t love Sharpies??
  • Chocolate Coins – A 4pm pick me up

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