I thought I'd do the "8 Most Worn Things In My Closet" tag.


I thought I’d do the “8 Most Worn Things In My Closet” tag.  This tag seem to have been doing the rounds for a while and there are lots of different versions, so if I haven’t got the original set of questions I apologise!

Most Worn… Handbag


My Anya Hindmarch Bathurst is my “sensible” bag.  It’s great for work, carries the kitchen sink and goes with everything.  It’s my perfect, everyday go to bag  of choice.

Most Worn… Perfume


Jo Malone is my absolute favourite place for unique scents.  They have the best selection and as I tend it go for the more unusual perfumes, it is my go to place.  My all time favourite is Earl Grey and Cucumber.  It is categorised as a “citrus” based scent which I would argue isn’t the right word to describe it.  It doesn’t have that sharp scent you’d automatically associate with this given description.  While it manages to be fresh it has musky undertones with real depth that manages not to be overbearing. It is so individual, you just have to smell it!

Most Worn…. Clothes

I have very “shapely” legs which is code for disproportionately large and chunky.  I use to really hate it but now I’ve learnt to embrace it a little bit more and just roll with it.  I wear leggings quite frequently, however these have the problem of not being particularly practical (there is nothing worse then when they go see through!) or are particularly smart.  Topshop’s Leigh jeans are the perfect compromise.  They fit like a glove, are super soft with loads of stretch and mould to your leg shape.  I’ve invested in several colours!

Most Worn… Summer Shoes

In the summer I cannot get enough of my Salvator Ferragamo pumps. They look cute with summer dresses and skinny jeans.  My only critique is you do have to break them in on your first few wears.

Most Worn… Winter Shoes


In the winter my hands down most worn are my Ash boots.  I love the extra height the stack heel gives me but I can still run, jump and walk for miles in them.  I could easily wear them everyday and this mushroom colour goes with everything.

Most Worn… Jewellery


There are really only two places I buy costume jewellery, Primark and Zara.  Zara is a little on the pricey side but their jewellery is second to none; amazing quality, gorgeous selection and look absolutely stunning on.  This one I picked up over the summer is my most worn.

Most Worn… Hat


My fur bobble hat from Poppy London is currently getting a huge amount of wear in this freezing weather.

Most Worn… Scarf


All my Charlotte Simone scarfs get plenty of wear but my hooded versions have been most used.  They are just the perfect finishing touch to an outfit.  It is no exaggeration to say I’m head over heels in love with them.

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