The Drying Lotion is the ultimate in eradicating those pesky spots pretty much overnight.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

If you are a beauty fiend like me then you’ll know all about buying plenty of hit and miss products but VERY occasionally you make a discovery which changes your life.  These are the holy grail products of the beauty world and recently I found one!

Lately I switched to using Mario Badescu’s skincare line.  I like it a lot and generally have positive things to say about it all round.  However, there is one stand out product which I can’t get enough of.  The Drying Lotion is the ultimate in eradicating those pesky spots pretty much overnight.  It is applied right before bed directly onto any blemishes and somehow in the morning they have either calmed down considerably or simply disappeared!

I like to refer to it as magic but it’s effective treatment is most likely down to the salicylic acid and calamine.  Just to warn you it does smell rather toxic and alcoholic.  Although amazingly it doesn’t aggravate my sensitive skin at all.  Even if you are one of the lucky ones and rarely get spots, I would still recommend having this in your beauty cabinet because it literally cuts the time in (at least) half to dry out and get rid of those horrid things!  It’s the best £12.50 you’re going to spend this year!

(FYI – There is some criticism of Mario Badsecu because these products are very potent.  They definitely follow the more scientific route rather than the natural, organic type.  If you prefer gentle, natural products then this probably isn’t for you.)

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