Sasa is the Sephora equivalent in Hong Kong and they are absolutely everywhere! There's practically one of every block!

Hong Kong Beauty Haul

If you follow me on Snapchat you’ll know that I was in China the week before last.  It was probably the most insanely busy trip I’ve ever done!  There was hardly a moment to stop and take a breath but do you really think I was going to let that come in between me and a beauty haul?! Of course not!

Although I was in China for the entire week, I flew into Hong Kong and spent one night there before driving into China the next morning.  I obviously had to stop by Harbor City shopping mall where I ended up getting a few sheet face-masks.  Sheet masks have recently earned themselves a global cult status but the trend originally came out of Korea, meaning the Asian beauty market really does have the most extensive selection to choose from.  As you can imagine I was one happy kid in a candy store and limiting myself to only three was pretty damn tough!

Hong Kong Beauty Haul

They also had a Laudree make up concession which I instantly fell in love with and I believe is exclusive to Hong Kong, China and Japan.  The packaging was as you’d expect from Laduree, gorgeous and adorable.  I meant to go back and grab a couple of things but I sadly ran out of time.  If anyone has ever tried the Laudree make up line please let me know, I would LOVE to hear what it is like and whether it’s worth it (because it is on the pricey side!).

Hong Kong Beauty Haul

Sasa is the Sephora equivalent in Hong Kong and they are absolutely everywhere! There’s practically one of every block!  Obviously, I couldn’t not pick up something Hello Kitty themed!  Plus I was really intrigued by the very short bristled silicon wand and it didn’t disappoint.  I’m in LOVE with this mascara!  The short bristles and curved wand means you can really get into all the lashes, even the short stubby ones in the inner corner.  Although it doesn’t add lots of volume, the length and curl it creates is incredible.  Plus it’s really buildable.

Hong Kong Beauty HaulHong Kong Beauty Haul

This was more of a packaging purchase than anything else.  Look at that Alice in Wonderland themed packaging, how could you not love it?!  Although this also ended up being a really nice product.  In a nutshell, it’s a tinted balm but has excellent pigmentation.  Sadly the shade isn’t quite right for me, as I was hoping it’d be more coral toned but I LOVE how moisturising it is.

For a 30 minute dash around the shops, I don’t think I did too badly! I will be back in China again around the end of August, early September so if anyone has any beauty recommendations or must buys please let me know so I can look out for them next time!

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